Atlanta Thrashers Logos

NHL Hockey's Atlanta Thrashers logo

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The Atlanta Thrashers logo represents a now by-gone Eastern Conference team of the National Hockey League that first skated onto the ice as the League’s 28th franchise during the 1999-2000 NHL season, and hosted their opponents in the Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA for only a decade. The sale and relocation of the team to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in May of 2011 gave Atlanta the unfortunate honor of being the first and only city in hockey’s recent history to suffer the loss of not one, but two hockey teams, after the departure of the Atlanta Flames to Calgary back in 1980. The highest point the Thrashers ever flew in their stats was making it to the Stanley Cup playoffs just once in the 2006-2007 season, though they were eliminated in the opening round by the New York Rangers. Chosen by a fan poll, the name ‘Thrashers’ actually came in second place to the ‘Flames’ in a failed attempt to resurrect the memory of the previous team. The final choice, as the 2008 version of the logo cleverly exemplifies, is a reference to the state bird of Georgia, the brown thrasher. By a historical twist of irony, the very first pioneer settlement, sometime back in 1839, upon which the city of Atlanta was eventually built, was named Thrasherville.