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Bacardi Logos

Gif image of Bacardi drink logo

The Bacardi logo, portraying the bizarre but unforgettable bat, has a long and colorful history that began in 1862, when a Cuban wine merchant named Facundo Bacardi Massó, born and emigrated from Catalonia, Spain, began making rum. Prior to this time, rum was cheaply produced and never considered to be a refined drink, and was rarely sold in the better taverns. Don Facundo soon began attempts to ‘tame’ the rum by creating a method for refining the sugar and liquor with a distillation process that yielded a mild, white-colored concoction, filtered through charcoal to remove the impurities, and finally ‘mellowed’ in oaken barrels. That year, Facundo and his brother Jose had acquired a distillery in Santiago de Cuba that housed a large copper and cast-iron still, and moved from the experimental phase to a full-blown commercial rum-making enterprise. In this very same building, high up in the rafters, lived the fruit bats that would later become the insignia of the Bacardi brand. Fruit bats have been long considered as the symbol of good luck in Cuba.