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Heineken Logos

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The Heineken logos, referring to the “Authenticity” and “Star” insignias, reflects the Amsterdam-based company Heineken Brewery from the Netherlands. The company’s famous slogan in the United Kingdom until 2005 typified the long-standing philosophy behind their brewing quality, heritage and authenticity by stating that their product “refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach”. Their principal international brands are Heineken, positioned as their premium brew, and Amstel, the more mainstream. Heineken owns around 130 breweries and is available in more than 90 countries around the world. The company was founded in Amsterdam in the year 1864 by Gerard Heineken, then a 22 year old businessman who had purchased “The Haystack” brewery. He opted to convert his brewing process from traditional top fermentation to the Bavarian method of bottom fermentation that produced a clearer, purer beer, and whose quality became known as a ‘Gentleman’s Beer’ above all other lesser ranked ‘Workman Ales’.

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