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The Michelin Logo, representing the now legendary Michelin Man, transformed what was once a French agricultural equipment manufacturer, founded in 1832 by Nicolas Edouard Daubree, into a multi-national tire-producing powerhouse with sales operations in over 170 countries.

When Charles Goodyear first developed permanent rubber in 1839, the company founders began to manufacture a broader range of rubber products such as drive-belts, seals, and conveyors. Edouard Michelin and his brother Andre took over the operations in 1889 and re-christened the enterprise as Michelin, re-tooled their operations in 1891 to fabricate air-filled bicycle tires, and brought air-filled rubber tires for the automobile industry to the market by 1895. The bizarre idea of the company trademark was conceived by Edouard when he saw a pile of stacked tires at an exhibition in Lyon, France in 1889 that resembled the shape of a human torso, and with the assistance of an artist named O’Galop, the Michelin Man logo was born.

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