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Logo Quiz


How To Play

  1. To Start the game, guess the  first logo question
  2. For each question after you’ll have  ten seconds to guess the logo
  3. If you have incorrectly answered the logo, you will loose one life
  4. Press the Control (Ctrl) button or the link to get a HINT for the current logo
  5. Game is over when you have zero lives or answered all logo questions correctly


  • Correctly spell the logos name
  • Speed up the game using your keyboard and “enter” button
  • Pay attention to what part of the logo is shown to give clues to the logo’s identity.  Such as initials, abbreviations, symbols, colors. For example, perhaps a logo of a giant duck would symbolize that the word, “Duck”, is part of that logos name.
  • If you get stuck, use the Hint button (hints cost one life)


Originally posted 2013-01-24 11:10:04.