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The New England Patriots came into the American Football League in 1959, and established in Boston, Massachusetts. The team’s name, earlier known as the Boston Patriots until 1971, was certainly meant to honor the city of Boston’s significant role in the American Revolution. The original logo of the team was a stylized depiction of a Revolutionary War tricorne hat, though before their first season was finished, an artist named Phil Bissell crafted an image of a Revolutionary War militiaman snapping a football, which was subsequently named ‘Pat Patriot’ in 1961 by Patriots owner William Sullivan, and endured as the team’s logo for 3 decades. It was also considered as one of the most ornate and graphically detailed logos to be used anywhere in sports. From 1993 to 1999, the logo was replaced by a patriot’s silhouetted head with a red, white and blue tricorne hat. In 2000, a more stylized version of a silver patriot with navy blue shadow and hat with red stripes came into play, which the Boston/New England fans affectionately called the ‘Flying Elvis’, due to the Minuteman’s sideburn and pout.

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