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NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Logo

The official NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers logo - Modern look


The famous three-star Pittsburgh Steelers logo came about when, in 1962, a company named Republic Steel of Cleveland decided they wanted the Pittsburg Steelers to emblazon the Steelmark, the insignia of the American Iron and Steel Institute, on their helmets, to give tribute to the city’s long steel-manufacturing heritage. The Steelers logo would emerge as the very well-known circle enclosing three inward-curving diamonds. The new Steelmark logo made its debut on only the right side of the helmet because of the solid gold colored background. When the helmet color was changed to solid black, it was then decided to retain the single sided concept, making the Steelers logo the only team insignia in the National Football League to appear on only one side of the helmet.

Originally founded in 1933, and then known as the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Steelers changed their name in 1940 in an attempt to generate better revenue, and promoted a contest to get the local fans to suggest a new name, and the winner not only provided the current moniker, but was awarded season tickets for the contribution. The logo colors were also meant to illustrate the characteristics of steel: yellow to lighten your workload; orange to brighten your leisure time; and blue to widen the view of your world. In reality, the logo colors also signify the components used to make steel itself: yellow for coal, orange for iron ore, and blue for scrap steel.

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