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Pepsi Cola Logos

.png image of Pepsi logo

The Pepsi logo is the century old corporate symbol of one of the giants in the soft-drink industry. The well-known beverage has been refreshing every ‘Pepsi Generation’ since its first bottle was sold, despite the ever increasing competition in the market. The Pepsi Cola Company was created by Caleb Bradham in the 1890’s. Though originally called Brad’s drink, the name was quickly changed to Pepsi-Cola, and first appearing in the 1898 logo design. The name was trademarked in 1903, and has remained the same ever since. The precursor to the current Pepsi logo came in the 1940’s when Walter Mack, the CEO of Pepsi at the time, developed a new bottle design, with the famous “crown” affixed to the Pepsi logo. The ‘Pepsi Globe’ came into view when America was in the second World War, sporting the red, white and blue to support the country’s war efforts. The word “cola” was eliminated from the insignia in 1962, and utilized the new and hugely popular “bottle-cap” emblem. The re-designed Pepsi Globe re-emerged to replace the bottle-cap logo in 1973, and the original script typeface was removed altogether thirty years later.

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