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It is always said that simplicity elevates the spirit of a design’s impact on the eye, and the Rolls Royce logo succeeds in that endeavor in fine style and radiant charisma, while the hyphen often used between the two names serves to illustrate the long and unbreakable bond between the company’s two founders, Charles Stewart Rolls and Frederick Henry Royce. Starting out in the electrical and mechanical business in 1884, Royce built his first car, called the “Royce”, in Manchester England in 1904, and later that year met Rolls, who agreed to sell the cars exclusively for the new enterprise. Begun in 1906, the manufacturers of the quietly luxuriant passenger vehicles decided to brand their creation utilizing the two elegantly scripted “R”s of their names to signify to the automotive world the authentic power of the trademark within the chronicles of legendary craftsmanship, mystique, and design achievement, and establish the logo as representing simply the best cars in the world.

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