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The Snickers Candy Bar is another confectionery icon that has been satisfying the sweet cravings of the global palate for over 80 years to the tune of $2 billion annually. It is a product of the fifth-ranked (by Forbes) and largest privately-held corporation in the U.S., named Mars, Incorporated, and owned exclusively by the Mars Family. Founded by Frank C. Mars, the company began its candy-making know-how back when Frank’s mother taught him how to hand-dip chocolate candy as a child. In 1911, he created the Mars Candy Factory, making and selling fresh candy to the wholesale market in Tacoma, Washington, but it soon went under. The Mar-O-Bar Company came along in 1920 in Minneapolis, in Frank’s home state of Minnesota. The Mars family happened to own a horse at the time, and whose name happened to be ‘Snickers’, so the roasted peanut-topped, nougat, caramel and milk chocolate delight was named in the horse’s honor, and hit the candy shelves in 1930. To ensure the continued reliability of high quality peanuts as a source for the Snickers Candy Bar, along with their M&Ms, the company created an enterprise in Albany, Georgia’s renowned peanut belt called the Peanut Craftsman in 1964. Because of the company’s present production demands, requiring roughly 16 peanuts per bar, over 99 tons of peanuts are used to produce over 15 million Snickers Bars each day. Mars, Incorporated is also known for its other confectionery creations such as Milky Way, Twix, Skittles, and of course, the Mars Bar.