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Sony PS3 Logo

Sony's PlayStation 3 logo


The PS3 logo is one of the most recognizable logos of the Playstation video game brand offered by the Japan based Sony Corporation. The Playstation 3 is the third version of the Playstation console. The PS and PS2 bore the standard multi-colored, three-dimensional PS logo that is still a mainstay of the Playstation brand. When introducing of the Playstation 3 slim, Sony also introduced the new, two-dimensional PS3 logo to go with the standard logo. The new Playstation 3 logo was developed in-house and it is unclear on how much the creation cost was. The new logo, a simple and abbreviated bold “PS3”, replaced the spelled out and capitalized “PLAYSTATION 3”, which was present on the “fat” PS3 system, games, and accessories. The current logo appears on all packaging, systems, games, and accessories. This logo change corresponded with the release of the slim PS3 in an attempt to bring greater brand identity and increase sales. Along with other corresponding changes, this move was successful. Indeed, the PS3 logo is one of the most recognizable brands in gaming, with systems sold worldwide. In terms of cumulative total sales for gaming systems, accessories, and games, only the Xbox from Microsoft rivals Sony.

The PS3 brand helped push the technological envelope. The PS3 offers a “one stop shop” for entertainment purposes, by offering large internal storage, superior graphics, gaming, Blu-Ray, DVD, CD, internet access, movie rentals and more, all in one console. Even with the higher prices for the system at first release, the features made the system more attractive than its rivals in terms of technology. With the release of the slim version, and the logo change, the PS3 brand became more popular due to the reduced price and functionality of the PS3 brand. In 2012, the PS3 is enjoying dominate worldwide sales over it competitors.

My personal experience with the PS3 brand goes back to 1994. This is where the PS3 brand really began, as this was the year the first Playstation system, and the original PS logo, was introduced. The original PS system was the first of its kind and is what created the host of diehard fans, such as myself, that are here today. This began the process that would make the PS3 brand what it is today and that caused the evolution of the PS3 logo to the current worldwide known image. Over the years, I’ve watched the brand evolve and gain greater brand identity across the globe. With the PS4 rumored lurking around the corner, Playstation is sure to receive greater brand identity in the years to come.

Originally posted 2012-04-16 17:22:42.